Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Here is our summer harvest, It's not much but then again it's really hard to grow things at 98% and 100 degree temperatures. Here are some some ichiban eggplants, green bell peppers,  red bell peppers, blue potatoes, a green cabbage, and some eggs from our chickens. It's rather difficult to keep a garden when the ground is infested with fungus of just about every form. The ground is also soggy which mean i can't start and new seeds in the ground like I can in sponge, and our beans are rotting. We've actually had a drought for the past three months but lately it's been raining just about everyday. Today we received one inch of the life giving substance and the ducks are just as happy about it as I am.
The peppers were picked a little premature to prevent sunscald, yet another problem of our here in the south. As for the strawberries well to be honest I think they just disintegrated right into the ground, I really don't know what happened, it could have been bugs, the sun or fungus, knowing our yard all three. I love the sun for all it's properties, such as growing plants, and keeping life in general alive, but there seems to be something about Florida sun, that when you go out side it hits you like a bunch of stinging hot needles that have no mercy. So with that being said I think you all can imagine why I haven't been wanting to assess the state of my veggie garden, Thankfully though it's been somewhat cool this week, which permitted me to gather a few vegetables.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Time Off

Well it's been a scorcher here in the hamacka and I've had to take some time off from writing due to a few projects we had to complete here on the homestead. I plan to get back to my normal writing schedule soon enough for the fall harvest season and the end of summer. So stick around!