Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Green Eggs & Ham

Well we have half of Dr. Seuss's recipe correct. I'm not too sure if the neighbors would like the ham part but they sure don't mind the green eggs around Easter. It's true comes varieties of chickens can lay green eggs. Not only can they lay green but also blue, gray, peach, rust red and every shade in between. Although not just any ordinary chicken lays green eggs, it's the arucana from south America who lays these beauties. The arucana's history is a little sketchy, they are believed to be bred by the arucan indians, (yes that's where the chickens name comes from) thousands of years ago in the Andes. Of course many think that Cortes or early explorers brought them to South America but they were there even before any of the Europeans arrived. This is an interesting fact considering all chickens derive from the red jungle fowl only native to south east Asia. What is a bird that's an ocean away doing in south America you ask? Well I don't know, many believe that south east Asian merchants brought them thousands of years before any of the settlers. Just an interesting fact to be noted. (It could be the aliens ooo, just kidding) To be honest I think it was just some merchants who decided to see what's on the other side of that thing called the pacific ocean. Some people think they were bred with other wild fowl in order to attain the colored tint of the eggs. Some say it was maybe a cross with a curasso or a chalachla, it's debated but no one really cares after all it is just a chicken.

Anyways, I though it would be interesting if I brought up the matter because we in fact keep the arucanas here at the homestead. The ones we just bought are only about three months old, they are both females, one black  and one blue. Hopefully they'll start laying by October, every arucana we've had always layed early, and I mean early, at about five months of age. I was told these would be the green egg laying strain, if not, our green eggs and ham special will be spoiled. Hopefully that's not the case. It's near fall now so I look forward to having omelets just in time for the cold. I'll get some pictures of them as soon as I can.

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