Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Springtime Vegetables

Here is a full view of our springtime garden.

020 Since it is finally spring I thought I should mention a few of the vegetable varieties we grow here ay Quail’s Hollar Farm. Show above is a southern purple cabbage, this enormous brassica can reach two feet in diameter.
014 I am not to sure what type of cabbage this is but all I know is that they did well in out climate this time last year.      018
The lettuce shown above is one of my all time favorites, red sails lettuce.025And of course this is an Mary Washington asparagus shoot.
034The small looking three leafed plant is actually I dragon tongue bean, they are notorious for growing exceptionally large bean pods, which are a great for a summer lunch. the grass looking plants shown last are my red onions that I planted in late November. 

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