Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Silver Pheasants

The silver pheasant is bold, curious, beautiful and majestic, it is the perfect aviary bird and great for beginners to pheasant keeping. Male Silvers have a reputation of being aggressive towards their keepers and hens, however, mine are the tamest gamebirds I own. They are big birds that are extremely tough and hardy. Many owners also allow silvers free range on their property. I keep my pair in an aviary that is ten by ten feet. They also share their living quarters with a misplaced male golden pheasant, proving they are not object to annoying company.

Now that it's spring you can finally start checking craigslist and other classified websites for chicks and juveniles. Most pairs sell anywhere from $50 to $70, they may be even pricier if they are a subspecies of the normal, what some people refer to as the, 'American silver'. If you do wish to acquire a pair for breeding be sure they aren't related, as you will only be furthering a problem common amongst pheasants breeders, which is inbreeding. They are a relatively quite bird, the most you will hear from them is their wing drumming when offended or the low toned hum they make, which sounds a bit like a 'moo'. In any case these are a great addition to the game farm or the backyard, they are just big enough to be allowed liberty in the fenced in back yard, yet just small enough to be housed in an aviary.

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