Friday, May 13, 2011

Golden Pheasants Part one

The red golden pheasant hails from the mountainous bamboo forests of south central China. This is an extraordinary species to have on the urban farm for sheer pleasure and enjoyment. The male of this species has a crimson underside, golden head, orange/black barred cape, lemon yellow back, green nape, iridescent blue wings, and a long black and gold traced thirty six inch long tail. The female, is rather drab, usually just an olive barred color with a relatively long tail.

Males of this species can be somewhat loud when disturbed but they would rather not have their location known. The most you will normally here is a displaced peep or squeak amongst the aviary in the morning or evening. Our male can go rouge when visitors come though, he usually announces their presence with screeching scream. Other than that though, he's relatively mild mannered. In all my years of owning golden pheasants I never once heard a female utter a single noise.

Keeping the red golden pheasant is extremely easy, I would suggest no smaller an aviary than ten by ten feet for a pair. If you wish to keep any more than a just two birds I recommend a larger enclosure, the bigger the better. I must forewarn you though, never keep two males and two females in the same aviary, if you do, eventually the one male will make the two females his and the subordinate male will be subjected to abuse from the others. Golden males generally don't do well with each other.

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