Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Angora Story

Today we received a new member for our farm, an angora rabbit. Yes an angora, supposedly this little thing is going to make my mom her angora sweater that she's been wanting for years. With this rabbit, as with all of our animals comes a story, so here it goes. We went to our local fruit market where I know there is a 'animal dealer' there who has just about everything out of the ordinary for sale. This character pulls his trailer made-shift animal carrier with just about everything you can think of. It's always a surprise to see what he brings as he never has the same stuff twice. I've seen goats, guineas, peafowl and everything in between. I often just make up the excuse to support our local economy but truly i just want to see what's new. So anyways as Florida is, this is no ordinary animal 'merchant' if you will, I never have seen someone with so much character before. One instance was where I was interested in some quail for sale, he said, "Do you know how to clean them"? I said , "Sorry?" He said, "You got's to clean them before you eat em," I said, "No I won't be eating these quail," he said, "Well what in god's green earth do you want them for then"? I said, "I want them as a pet". He shook his head and muttered, "City folk". I was not offended at all but I rather found the situation humorous. I saw a pet, he saw food, so strange right? Well anyways so I went up to see what they had this time and to my surprise they had a white angora rabbit! And it just so happens that I've been looking for one. He explained that it was 12pm and it was time for him to go since he came at 5am (I never could go downtown so early) and that he needed to sell the rabbit or else he'll have it for dinner, yes I said dinner, a fifty dollar rabbit as a meal. To my luck he sold it to me for a measly eight dollars, not bad considering what it's worth, and that's how I got my rabbit. Now the little muskrat of a thing is happily chewing on it's hay. I awoke this morning realizing that the reason I don't like rabbits is because of the MESS they make, I never seen such destruction in my life! There was mess in the bowl, the paper was torn to shreds, and there was urine EVERYWHERE. I'll post pictures as soon as possible. So yes this is the very same thing that will make that sweater.

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